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“AGAIN today, CarePartner made me a believer by turning an $809 balance to ZERO! I now owe nothing else to the surgeon for my January surgery. After months of battling on my own, my rep spoke on my behalf and waited patiently for weeks to see if she could help me with the balance. This has been a very complicated process, yet she understood it completely! I am SO happy I made the decision to work with this company. I cannot say this would have been the outcome had I handled it on my own. BUT GOD sent me an Angel to work on my behalf (Lord knows I needed it) and I could not be more thankful!”

Alex, Georgia

"I didn't know how to advocate on my daughter's behalf.  The CarePartners explained my options, and how to get this special treatment approved by the insurance company."

Janice, Ohio

"Dad had always been the rock for Mom and me. When I had to step in, the CarePartners guided me on what to do."

Gail, California

"You are a breath of fresh air for someone daunted by Medicare and the government."

Susan, Illinois

“You mean you’re not Medicare? You’re even better than Medicare!”

Joe, Texas

"The doctors didn't seem to be talking.  There were three of them treating Dad, and the delays just kept coming.  The CarePartner team gave me the knowledge and confidence to take charge of the discussion."

Kate, Michigan

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