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"Load has been Lightened"

Ellen was caring for her mom, and Ellen also has Lupus. She called CarePartner in desperation, tearful on the phone with no where to turn. Ellen’s siblings were not helping care for mom, in fact they were causing chaos instead of peace in her and her mom’s life. She did not know where she could get help caring for mom, but if she did not, she would not be alive much longer as the stress was taking a large toll on Ellen’s condition. She had recently been in the hospital where the Lupus had flared to the point she could not move.

CarePartner provided the listening ear that provided relief and a sense of understanding. We provided her with information on adult day care, contacted the physician to request a home health evaluation and got approval so that her mom could receive the care she needed. These services provided Ellen with time to care for her family and her own medical needs. The home care agency is teaching Ellen how to transfer her mom and provide physical care for safety with the medical equipment we helped secure for her, which will also decrease stress on Ellen’s body.

Ellen’s voice was filled with audible joy during our next conversation. She was noticeably more relaxed and in control. She expressed how grateful she was for all the help we provided to her - as a caregiver and patient. Mom is also excited about going to the adult day care. Ellen has been learning so much about caring for her mom and her “Load has been lightened”!

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