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Being Heard for a Second Opinion

Rebecca has Elhers Danlos Syndrome. There are several types which have it’s own symptoms and health problems. Rebecca has the one with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and she had not responded to the treatments. Her doctors were not listening to her and told her she had to live with it. Rebecca realized that some of the pain and symptoms of poor vascular system she would have to deal with but she was feeling that this was more than normal. CarePartner researched specialists in this area and found one in a city three hours away and another that was two hours away. Rebecca’s family, already so overwhelmed with their day-to-day living issues, were trying to get into the specialist two hours away but couldn’t follow up enough. CarePartner stepped in and was able to make appropriate follow-ups to ensure that everything was in place for Rebecca to see the experts in her condition.

Rebecca went to the clinic for four days and finally felt like she was being heard! It also proved that her feeling that something was wrong was correct. The specialists listened and confirmed that Rebecca was right and now she can go forward in the discovery of all the medical issues she has and how to deal with them for a better quality of life. Rebecca just wants to be able to care for her family.

Rebecca’s family was also dealing with a nine year-old with high functioning autism and and seven year-old son that may also be autistic. CarePartner has also been able to help Rebecca and her family find the right care for her children.

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