Five Reasons Caregivers Shine

What are you thankful for?

We’re thankful for caregivers. November is National Caregivers Month, and CarePartner is celebrating all of the caregivers we’ve had the opportunity to advocate for and support. How do we support caregivers year round? Our, “I CARE,” mission sums it up pretty well. We have some incredible caregivers who exceed expectations everyday. Here are five reasons why “I CARE” and so does everyone else at CarePartner!


I is for me. Just kidding, it’s for I; meaning: “I am personally responsible for successfully completing my goals.” Our caregivers don’t shy away from the difficulties they face. In fact, when they call upon CarePartner to assist them with a healthcare difficulty, they recognize we become another tool in their toolbox. We’re here to help caregivers resolve issues. Just ask, Tara. She’s a smart, career woman on the move; but, she ran into countless problems when it came to her insurance. She couldn’t get them to correct several claims. She knew exactly what needed to be done, but spent her breaks and lunch hour mostly on hold and not getting any answers. Since we know the system, and speak the language of “insurance,” we intervened and got the claims reprocessed. We saved Tara time and some headaches, but she was key in helping us see exactly what needed to be done. We appreciate her take charge attitude!

C is for compassion. No one cares more than Jim. I mean no one. He’s very close to his father who has Stage 3 Alzheimer’s. Although they live 50 miles apart, Jim makes sure he coordinates with his siblings to make sure Dad has a quality home care agency checking on him. Jim visits often and makes sure he and his Dad go out once or twice a week, on hikes and drives along the country side. Jim understands that as long as he has his father, he’s willing to make some shifts in his work schedule to keep his father a priority. His employer has been gracious with providing flexibility in his schedule so Jim can take his dad to his doctor’s appointments. Clearly Jim was handling the situation well. When he called us, he wanted guidance and reassurance that he was doing everything possible to make sure his dad was comfortable and happy for his remaining years. Few things warm the heart more than a father/son bond that not even Alzheimer’s can break.

A is for attentive. You can trust me to give my best effort every day. When Alex called us, she, like Jim, wanted to make sure she was doing everything possible to care for her father. Unlike Jim’s relationship with his dad, Alex’s relationship with hers had been strained. Despite the past, when her father was struck by a debilitating illness Alex moved to be near him. We helped her find the right adult day care, medical services, and home care, that would give her dad his best shot at thriving. They have their good days, and they surely have some rough days. We listen to Alex vent and cry and we remind her of her strength and her faith. She’s simply incredible…loving when it’s tough and inconvenient. Slowly but surely she and her dad are carving out a new ‘normal’ and we hear more laughter than we do pain these days.

R is for resilient (and refreshing). Each of our clients possesses a refreshingly resilient heart. They’re not ‘lost in the sauce’ nor struggle with delusions about their situations. We hear them cry when they hurt or feel overwhelmed. They belly laugh when something goofy happens in the midst of crisis. They grit their teeth with insurance customer service reps. who give misinformation at times; despite their frustration these caregivers manage to maintain decorum. They share the worst parts of their caregiving experience with us. We love that they don’t hold back, it’s the only way we can successfully advocate on their behalf.

E is for endurance. None of the caregivers we partner with are ‘too good’ nor above being humble enough to help a loved one in need. These good people literally change adult diapers, give baths to ailing parents, go to countless doctors’ appointments, dress and feed those they care for. They persevere, despite the frustrations of those who are cranky, demanding or unhelpful, and ac

cept that most days are ‘thankless’ at best. Yet, these courageous caregivers wake up day after day ready and willing to serve the needs of those they love.

CarePartner celebrates our caregivers because we CARE and they are CARE in action!

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