I Want the Truth

I want to give my mom real flowers now when she can see them, smell them, appreciate them and know I love her: not put them on her grave when she is gone.

I wish everyone would stop tiptoeing around me and be honest with me. I know that the situation with my mother is bleak and that the end result will not be good. Everyone seems to be giving me half-truths or softening the details to protect me. I don’t want the soft answers. I want the hard facts: the reality, the truth. Tell me the real deal so that I can prepare myself. I know that we are facing the unknown and that there is no crystal ball that will tell me what the future holds. But, I don’t want to be handled with kid gloves.

Give me the ugly facts, the hard truths, the nasty stuff. This isn’t the time for Disney endings. I want the Grimm’s Fairy Tales version–no more wolves in sheeps' clothing. I need the truth so I can honestly prepare for what is coming. Yes, I know that sometimes there are aspects of life that are hard to talk about, but now is the time for honesty and hard conversations. I don’t want to look back and wish that I had known the prognosis, only to find it was too late. I want to know the reality now so that I can maximize any time we have left.

Parents: Yes, we’ll always be your children, but we’re adults now and don’t want the spoonful of sugar. We’ll take the bitter pill straight up. We want to know what is going on with you. We want honesty: warts and all. We want to make sure we make time show you how much we love you now.

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