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Patient Advocacy

We advocate for you and your family to ensure you and your loved ones are receiving the right care, at the right time, in the right setting. 

Education & Guidance

Our expert team can explain health conditions, physician instructions, and provide education and support around all healthcare, caregiving and health insurance issues.

Insurance Issues

We can assist you with finding a healthcare plan, a supplemental plan for Medicare, or a prescription drug plan and guide you through the process of enrolling and understanding your health insurance plan. 

Billing & Claim Issues

If you have a billing, claims, pharmacy or eligibility issue, we can advocate and negotiate on your behalf to resolve those issues with Medicare and other insurance carriers.

Family Conflict Resolution

Our Care Team will help coordinate and mediate family discussions, resolve family conflicts and provide the support and education necessary to make informed decisions. 

& More...

Our CarePartners are expert problem solvers and excel in solving complex challenges in healthcare. To talk with our experts about your specific situation, call 1-800-401-9357. We are here for you!

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