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Caring for yourself as you care for others

Caregiver wellness is such an important part when caring for others. “The Caregiver Wellness: U Model” can empower “U” as a caregiver. There are 9 components to the “U Model” and putting the pieces of the puzzle together is up to “U”. No one else will take the time to keep “U” well. The pieces of the puzzle includes social, psychological, physical, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and financial wellness. Which is held together with Empowerment and Resilience. Eboni Green, PH.D., RN has a brief questionnaire to help you evaluate where you are at with Caregiver Wellness. Eboni has also explained how to strengthen each area to keep you strong and capable to continue caregiving to your best

Insurance Billing Issue Resolved

Theresa was billed $615 from a physicians group. She was concerned because typically she pays a small copay for office visits. We were able to confirm that the insurance never received the claims. We contacted the billing department and they in turn filed them with insurance for processing. The good news is the claims were both reprocessed, but upon looking at the patient’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s), we noticed they were stating patient responsibility was a $40 copay for each claim, but In-Network office visits should only be $20. We were able to have the insurance pull the claims to be reprocessed correctly and then we called the billing department to prevent them from asking Theresa

"Load has been Lightened"

Ellen was caring for her mom, and Ellen also has Lupus. She called CarePartner in desperation, tearful on the phone with no where to turn. E

$30,000 Pharmacy Claim Reduced to $0

Tom had concerns about the health insurance policy he purchased through his state’s exchange. He felt he wasn’t getting the best value for t

Being Heard for a Second Opinion

Rebecca has Elhers Danlos Syndrome. There are several types which have it’s own symptoms and health problems. Rebecca has the one with POTS

Saved $3,900 and a Lawsuit

Jessica’s three-year-old son was rushed to hospital in July for an acute episode of asthma. He was hospitalized for four days. The family re

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