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“CarePartner got $49,000 in medical expenses corrected and we now only owe $3,000 of it!”

- Detria, Indiana
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“CarePartner is amazing! I can’t believe how much work they put into my situation. I am very, very grateful!”
- Amy, California
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“Not only did CarePartner listen to my concerns but they identified options I hadn't considered, and helped me get it done.”

- Karen, Ohio
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“In one week, CarePartner fixed a billing error that I had been fighting for three months... and I'm a lawyer!”

- Joe, New York
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“CarePartner turned my $809 balance into $0. I'm a believer!”

- Ashley, Tennessee
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“The CarePartner team gave me the knowledge and confidence to take charge of the discussion with my doctors.”
– Kate, Michigan
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“CarePartner spelled out what needed to be done and took charge. Thank you for removing so much anxiety during our time of need.”
- Robert, Maryland
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“CarePartner carried me through a time that was very difficult for myself and my family. The wisdom, support, comfort and guidance is appreciated.”

- Debra, Arizona

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CarePartner is a membership service that will help fix healthcare problems for you…your family…or your parents.

We can help you with:

  • Billing and payment problems. We will work with Medicare or your insurance coverage and physicians/hospitals to get it fixed.
  • Understanding the health conditions of you or your loved ones, including medication issues.
  • Sorting out family conflicts such as where Mom and Dad should move, providing professional guidance and advice.
  • Getting to the right physicians and knowing what questions to ask them.

We’re your support system, your researchers, your advisors
and advocates…we are your CarePartners!

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Welcome to CarePartner!
We are here to help you get the healthcare and service you deserve.


“Thank you so much.  I can see how people can’t get by without you and the clear level of personal care you provide!”

Amy K

“Could not have done it without talking to you.”

Susan C

“I didn’t know how to advocate on my daughter’s behalf.  The CarePartners explained my options, and how to get this special treatment approved by the insurance company.”


“You are amazing!  I can’t believe how much work you’re putting into my situation.  I am very, very grateful.”

Amy K

“The doctors didn’t seem to be talking.  There were three of them treating Dad, and the delays just kept coming.  The CarePartner team gave me the knowledge and confidence to take charge of the discussion.”


“Thank you for this service and for you!  I was almost crying today.”

Andre D

“I already feel more relieved.”

Lois G

“Sometime it just helps to say what is happening out loud and have someone understand.”

Andre D

“Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf.  I can never thank [referral] enough.”

Lois G

“Dad had always been the rock for Mom and me. When I had to step in, the CarePartners guided me on what to do.”


“Thank you [CarePartners] for being the living, breathing angels that you are.  Enlightenment is much better than the dark tunnel I was traveling in.”

Lois G

“I didn’t know how to get all these doctors on the same page.  CarePartner helped me get it done.”


“What an incredible service you provide.”

Amy K

“My stress level is already down.”

Susan C

“Everything you have sent me has been a great help thus far.”

Lois G

“The Care Team was so helpful and, not only did they listen to my concerns, they gave suggestions for resources I had never considered.  And even better, CarePartner will do the research on the best options available and communicate the results to our family so we are all on the same page.”

Karen M

“The family conference was very useful.  The Care Team was able to say the same things I had been saying all along but it was heard differently when they said it to my sister.”

Betty B

“Just talked to The Care Team. Love that lady! They are awesome!! They  listen and are so knowledgeable and helpful! I am so thankful to find such a great company that offers services that are so needed, especially by us, the “sandwich” generation!”

Karen M

“Thank you for listening. The Care Team is an advocate for [patient] and I feel like they are an extension of our family.”

Lisa F

“I really appreciated the Care Team’s input as we searched for a place for Ma.  More than anything, they projected the calm confidence that I needed.  This coupled with the good information they had and their step-by-step suggestions made what was an emotional process easier because it was based upon the good common sense that the three of us seemed to lack at the time.  Looking back on the time, I and my siblings are confident that we made a good decision and that we considered all factors.  The Care Team suggested several factors that we would not have considered if left on our own.  And every contact with her has been positive and helpful.”

Betty B

“I would like to say thank you for the help CarePartner has provided and most importantly how near and dear the Care Team has become to my family.   I spent months trying to comprehend and resolve insurance issues when I stumbled upon your company.  The weight and anxiety levels of having a newborn were only superseded by the pains of negotiating healthcare. The Care Team provided immense comfort to my family by spelling out what needed to be done and more often than not taking charge to alleviate the stress of working and trying to manage insurance, doctors and pharmacy to play nice together.   They have always been responsive, supportive and friendly.  The fear of dealing with my health provider has been dissolved because of your companies attention to detail, knowledge, and caring.   I’m a lifer at this point and recommend you to anyone that will listen.   Thanks for existing and loaning such a wonderful person to aid us in our time of need.”

Robert N

“The Care Team just called me. Thank you so much!  I threw up my hands yesterday and turned it over to the Lord so you and The Care Team are an answer to prayer. Thank you!”

Ruth F

“This is such a godsend. [Patient] has needed an advocate for so long. This is exactly what he needs, an advocate for Medicare patients.”

Sharon K

“I would like to personally thank you and your company for all the help and support in the time that was so important.  Everything your company has done will never be forgotten!  The Care Team is amazing.”

Debra M

“Even talking to someone helps.”

Lois G

“You guys ROCK! I posted your sites on my Facebook. I will be in touch because you are great.”

Kenneth H

“She couldn’t have said more nice things about CarePartner.  She said The Care Team has been great to work with and gave her questions that she needed to ask the doctors that she would not have thought to ask on her own.”

Randy HAfter referring a friend

“My stress level is already down.”

Susan C

“You mean you’re not Medicare? You’re even better than Medicare!”

Donna L

“You help me feel more confident talking to the providers, and I’m a lawyer! Thank you for your help.”

Joe F

“Thank you so much for your consideration and thoughtful guidance.”

Mike F

“Greatly appreciated a courteous and quick response.”

Carol P

Your information was like gold.

Debbie H

“You are a breath of fresh air for someone daunted by Medicare and the government.”

Susan ACaregiver to parent with Alzheimer

“You are my angel.”

Lois G
“Our talk was so beneficial; I was able to make these changes.”
Susan C

“I don’t know what to expect and feel rather helpless and alone as I have never faced anything like this before.”

Lois G
“What an incredible service you are providing.”
Amy K

“When I saw the website, I thanked God. This is what can help.”

” I didn’t realize the depth of research [CarePartner] would do.”

“[CarePartner nurse] is an advocate for [patient] and I feel like she is an extension of our family.”


“For me, this has been an incredible gift to be partnering with [CarePartner] and her family to provide a better life for their grandmother.”

Doctor of CarePartner member
“I was lost. I didn’t know what to do.”
“When I saw the website, I thanked God. This is what  can help [my family].”

“I’ve been so overwhelmed…and had to look for help. I got on the computer and [CarePartner] is the first website I found, but also the only one that made me feel like I could place my problems on your shoulders.”


“Don’t make me cry. You know exactly how it feels to have someone who needs help.”


“Your organization is wonderful and I am excited to tell [others] more about it!”

Tracy D
“You have been so helpful. You have been an angel.”
“Your information was like gold.”

“You are an answer to prayer.”

Frank M

“You are a godsend.”

Robert G